Buying Guide For Wet Grinder

Buying Guide for Wet Grinder





You must remember the hand grinders in which batter/ wet paste is made from lentils and many other raw materials. This is mostly used in the preparations of Indian cuisine. Mostly the South Indian dishes need these kinds of batters for most of its preparations. An electric grinder made the grinding process. It is run on electricity and prepares batter out of any sort of raw materials with the help of water. Though there is instant batter available in the market people still feel to make fresh batter for more healthy and tasty preparations. This article will guide you buy a wet grinder that will fit into your need.




Types of wet grinders


Regular Wet Grinders



This type of grinder is big and generally used for commercial purpose. Even big sized families would want this kind of grinders due to the need of large quantities. This is ergonomically designed with a single stone; a steel rod holds the stone with the help of an iron belt that is made with the shape of the stone. Installation and maintenance of this type of grinders is a little difficult as this is heavy and occupies a lot of space. It is usually single stoned.


Table Top Wet Grinders



This is a smaller version of the actual wet grinder and seems like one of the most wanted appliance in the kitchen. It is made of 2-3 stones that can be cylindrical or conical in shape. The drum that holds the stones is usually made of stainless steel or stone. To load small quantities and quickly make batter out of it this is a good option. This is light in weight, needs no installation process and easy to move from a place to any place. It is best suited for a small sized family.




Tilting Wet Grinders


This type of grinder has one better quality than that of table top grinder. It can be tilted. This is the very much useful to empty the batter into another container once it is done. Sometimes it comes with a fixed drum and it makes the cleaning process difficult.



Wet Grinder Features



The capacity of a grinder is calculated in liters. There are wet grinders with varied capacity. It depends on the capacity of the wet grinder. Ranging from 2 liters to 15 liters of wet grinders is available. You can choose the right grinder depending upon your requirement. As the capacity of the grinder increases the type and its other features like space occupation, weight etc.

Drum material


The drum material is the surface inside the grinder. There are different kinds of materials like stone and steel. The stone material is prone to get scrapped on a long term usage. It is better to opt for a stainless steel drum material for long period usage.


Overload protection



Overload protection is a feature that indicates the load that is put on the wet grinder. The grinder stops working when it is overloaded. Then the load can be reduced to run the grinder. This helps for the long life of the grinder.





This property can be found in Tilting Wet Grinder. This helps you to empty the finely grounded batter from the grinder once it is done. In most cases tilting type wet grinders may not be easy to clean as the drum is not removable.


Number of stones




The number of stones depends are another factor to consider. The range extends from 1 stone to 3 stones. Usually the table top grinders have three small stones to make it less in weight. The other wet grinders have single stone and take a lot of time to grind whereas two stone and three stone grinders will be able move the ungrounded particles from place to place underneath the stones so that they can grind themselves as fast as possible.


Stones shape


There are 2 different shapes of stones they are cylindrical and conical shapes. Reviewers say that conical shaped grinders gave better batter than the cylindrical ones. Because of the cone shape it is sharp at the edges and makes the raw materials cannot find space to escape other than getting grounded.


Extra Attachments


There are some wet grinders that come with extra attachments like coconut grater and atta kneader. You can opt for these attachments to make those tasks easy for you.


Comparison of Wet Grinder types


  Wet GrindersTableTop Wet GrindersTilting Wet Grinders
Size Big Small Small
Load Capacity Huge Medium Medium
Space Required More Less Less
Cleaning Bit difficult Easy Easy
Tilting No No Yes

Top 5 questions to ask


  1. What is the type of wet grinder should I go for if I run an in house cafeteria?
  2. What type will be ideal for a quick makes for a family meal?
  3. What is the electricity consumption is it power efficient?
  4. What are the top brands?
  5. What are the good deals of warranty and guarantee in the market?


Installation and maintenance



It is not a difficult task to install a wet grinder. If it is a normal wet grinder it will have a single stone which can be pretty heavy, you need the help of another person to keep the stone and its holder on rest. Maintenance involves cleaning the grinder as soon as the material is emptied from it once it grinds. If it is delayed there is a possibility of the drum material to form rust. The motor inside the wire grinder should be checked timely and should be repaired or replaced if there is a trouble. You have to be careful with the wiring of the grinder as it carries high volt energy. It is used in the kitchen and hence should be kept away from water surfaces.