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Shop online wet grinder and organic stone grinders used for floor grinding, nut butter grinder and chocolate grinding. Wide range and models of wet stone organic grinder available with world wide free delivery. Brands like Santha, Premier, Ultra, Preethi and Sowbaghya wet grinders are available. Stone nut butter grinder, Santha chocolate melangeur, Ultra table top wet gridner, Premier wonder grinder and tilting wet grinder.

At my home shopping, we have a large list of wet grinders to meet all your kitchen prep needs. Our selection includes wet grinders from Elgi Ultra, Preethi, Prestige, Sowbhagya, Premier, Lakshmi and other brands. We’ve classified the wet grinders according to price, function and capacity to help simply the search. Plus, we are world wide distributors associated dealers who offer all types of wet grinders, from table top to tilting and conventional. Find the best wet grinder that meets your requirements and budget at buy Indian Kitchen. 


Who would’t want to relish freshly made coconut chutney with freshly prepared dosas? These delicious south-Indian dishes are sure to make you drool. Now, you can prepare these amazing dishes and much more in the comfort of your kitchen by getting home grinders and mixers from online shopping sites. Table-top grinders, like Ultra wet grinders, Butterfly grinders, Preethi grinders, prestige grinders, panasonic grinders, Lakshmi grinders, Premier grinders, and more, make it easy to prepare a fine paste from grains, lentils, coconut scrapings, and more.


With these appliances in your kitchen, you can prepare delectable dishes for your family with ease. You can find a plethora of grinders on online shopping sites from several well-known brands, such as Butterfly, Pigeon, Orient, Elgi, Panasonic, Vijayalakshmi, and more. These appliances can be bought even when you are lazing around in your home. Just log in to your favorite online shopping site, choose the appliance of your choice and add them to your shopping cart. You can also check out wet grinder prices before making a purchase. Furthermore, these appliances will be delivered safely to your home address in a couple of days. So, wait no further. Buy these functional and versatile appliances for your home today.

Wet Grinder Buying Guide .

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  1. Lakshmi Wet Grinder WG 159 -  2 Litres
  2. Butterfly Wet Grinder Rhino - 2 Litre
    Butterfly Wet Grinder Rhino - 2 Litre
    Special Price $235.00 Regular Price $260.00
  3. Butterfly Wet Grinder Smart - 2 Liter
  4. Butterfly Wet Grinder Table Top Hippo - 2 Litre
  5. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08 - 2 L
  6. Bajaj Wet Grinder WX1 - 2 L
  7. Aashirvad  Wet Grinder WG 08
  8. Vidiem Jewel PC 2 Litres Table Top Wet Grinder
  9. Vijayalakshmi  Wet Grinder Cherry 2L
  10. Preethi  Wet Grinder Astra WG 909 - 2 Ltre
  11. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 07 - 2L
  12. Bajaj Wet Grinder WX3 - 2 L
  13. AMIRTHAA Tilting Tabletop Wet Grinder TLT 2L
  14. Ponmani 2 Stone Wet Grinder Prime Plus 2Ltr
  15. Ponmani Power Wet Grinder 2 L
  16. Ponmani Wet Grinder Tilting Pride Conventional  - 2 ltr
  17. Pigeon Wet Grinder Platina - 2 Ltr
  18. Vidiem  Wet Grinder Jewel ST WG ST 303 A - 2 L
  19. Usha Wet Grinder  CO150WW2 - 2 Ltr
  20. Preethi Wet Grinder Smart - 2 Litre
  21. Prestige Wet Grinder with Digital Timer PWG 09
  22. Premier Wonder Wet Grinder - 1.5 Litre
  23. Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder - 2 Litre
    Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder - 2 Litre
    Special Price $305.00 Regular Price $349.00
  24. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 01
  25. Vijayalakshmi Wet Grinder  2 Ltr
  26. Vijayalakshmi  Wet Grinder Smart  TTWG 2L
  27. Vijayalakshmi  Wet Grinder Victor  2 Ltrs
  28. Vidiem Wet Grinder Table Top WG ST 315 A Garnet - 2 Ltr
  29. Preethi Wet Grinder Stone Power WG 907- 2 Litre
  30. Premier Tilting Wet Grinder - 2 Liter
  31. Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder - 110 V
  32. Premier Wet Grinder Easy Grind  - 2 Litre
Grid List

Items 1-32 of 63

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